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  • Some Chandra memos on Star Selection Algorithm
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  • Detector Development, EXITE, AXAF HRC, ROSAT HRI
  • Project ASTRO K-12 Education
  • New England Regional Accreting Binaries Annual Meeting, NERABAM
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    Post Docs Supervised:

    Albert Kong (2000-2003), Ben Williams (2003-2006), Danny Steeghs (2002-2006), Manuel Torres (2003-2005), Jose Galache (2006-2009)
    Robin Barnard (2010-)

    Graduate Students Supervised:

    Matt Bothwell (2006-2007), Richard Hextall (2007-2008), Elizabeth Bartlett (2008-2009), Junayd Miah (2009-2010)

    Some Recent Press Releases:

    Chandra Uncovers New Evidence For Event Horizons Surrounding Black Holes

    Up-Dated BH vs NS Quescent Lx, with labels, without labels

    XTE J1118+480: Chandra Pinpoints Edge Of Accretion Disk Around Black Hole

    M31:Closer Look Reveals Andromeda's Black Hole Not As Cool As Believed

    Chandra Finds a "Cool" Black Hole at the Heart of the Andromeda Galaxy

    Astronomers Closing in on Black Holes

  • Some recent publications:

    New Evidence for Black Hole Event Horizons from Chandra

    The X-ray Spectra of Black Hole X-ray Novae in Quiescence as Measured by Chandra

    X-ray Point Sources in The Central Region of M31 as seen by Chandra

    A First Look at the Nuclear Region of M31 with Chandra

    A Black Hole Greater Than 6 Msolar in the X-Ray Nova XTE J1118+480

    Complete and Simultaneous Spectral Observations of the Black Hole X-Ray Nova XTE J1118+480

    Aql X-1: Garcia etal 99,

    ADAF: Garcia etal 98, Menou etal 98 Narayan etal 97,

    GRO J0422+32: Garcia etal 96: Callanan etal 96,

    GS 2000+25, Callanan etal 96:

  • Gamma-Ray Bursts

    Garcia etal 98: Groot etal 98:

  • Recent IAU Circulars on SXT, GRB:

    XTE J1118+480 , XTE J1118+480 , Aql X-1 , XTE J1946+274, XTE J2012+381, XTE J2012+381, XTE J2012+381, XTE J0421+560 AND CI CAMELOPARDALIS, GRB 971214, GRB 970828, GRB 970815, GRB 970508, V1333 AQUILAE, V1333 AQUILAE, EXO 1846-031, GRO J0422+32, GRO J0422+32, GRO J0422+32, GRO J0422+32, GRO J0422+32, GRO J0422+32, GRO J0422+32

  • Guest Observer on ROSAT, IUE, VLA

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    Finding Charts:

    XTE J1901+014 DSS Finding Chart

    XTE J1901+014 DSS+Simbad Objects

    XTE J1901+014 K' band image, FLWO 1.2m

    XTE J1901+014 three K' band images, FLWO 1.2m

    XTE J1901+014 Optical images, FLWO 1.2m

    XTE J1901+014 ATEL, IAUC, GCN...(fast transient)

    XTE J1908+098 Finding Chart

    XTE J1908+098 IAUCs...(near SGR)

    XTE J1118+48, preoutburst

    XTE J1118+48, during outburst

    XTE J0421+56 = CI Cam

    XTE J2012+381

    XTE J2123-056 (outburst NS SXT)

    XTE J2123-056 (quiescent NS SXT)

    XTE J1946+274

    XTE J1748-228

    V4641 Sgr = XTE J1819-254

    XTE J1650-500, 5 min I-band 02aug2002 at Magellan 1 w/ MagIC

    GS1354-64, 2 min R-band 04jun2000 at VLT

    GS1354-64, 5 min I-band 05aug2002 at Magellan 1 w/ MagIC

    1RXS J162848.1-415241 = GSC 7861.1088