A few IXO and Con-X memos, talks, and documents

  • "Science Drivers for Con-X", Talk at May 2006 SPIE conf on Con-X, one predecessor to IXO
  • "Con-X, A Beyond Einstein Great Observatory", one page science and technolgy handout, Dec 2005
  • "Relativity from Chandra to Constellation-X", talk at 11th Marcel Grossman meeting on General Relativity, Berlin July 2006
  • "Con-X Top Level Requirements Document", Dec 2006
  • "Con-X Science Requirements Document", Sept 2007
  • "Con-X Response to the NRC Beyond Einstein Program Assessment Committee", Jan 2007
  • "Con-X Science and Technology", poster at Jan 2008 AAS meeting, Austin TX
  • "Con-X Science and Technology", Colloquium at U.C. Berkely, April 2009
  • "Con-X Science and Technology", Colloquium at Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, April 2009
  • Memo on IXO/Con-X Strong Gravity Targets and High Data Rates
  • Memo on High Rates from Neutron Stars
  • Memo on High Data Rates and HTRS Telemetry requirements
  • A 1-Year Observing Program for IXO

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