New England Regional Accreting Binaries Annual Meeting

The first annual New England Regional Accreting Binaries Meeting - NERABAM - was held at the CfA in Phillips Auditorium Oct 19, from 10am-6pm. Coffee and doughnuts were available at 9:30, and we broke from 1:00-2:30 to allow lunch in nearby restaurants.

Approximately 30 to 40 people attended throughout the day. We started with 'news' presentations, ie, 'What is up with SMARTS, LOFAR, SWIFT, or RXTE, or Con-X, etc....', had one ~30min long review talk from Joe Patterson, and then many ~15 min talks, and one poster.

We plan the next meeting in approximately one year at Yale, the year after at MIT, and then at TBD locations throughout New England. The purpose of these meetings is to encourage interaction among local (New England) astronomers working on various aspects of interacting, accreting binaries. Please distribute this announcement as you see fit, as we have undoubtedly missed many interested parties.

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The program and pdf versions of the TALKS are AVAILABLE here


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Initial Organizers: Michael Garcia (CfA), Danny Steeghs (CfA), Charles Bailyn (Yale), Ron Remillard (MIT), Jeroen Homan (MIT).

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