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List of PROS and Selected IRAF Tasks

This section lists all PROS tasks (some of which are not described in this guide) and some useful IRAF tasks which are included. It is our intent to add instructions for tasks that are particularly useful in x-ray analysis. A brief description of all tasks in a given package can be obtained by typing \fbox{help package-name} and a complete description of any task with \fbox{help task-name}.

Package Task Description Section(s)
dataio t2d reads files from tape to disk 3.2.1
tables strfits converts FITS to images and/or tables  
  stwfits converts images and/or tables to FITS  
  pltpar display sgraph parameter file in editor  
  tprint lists table on screen  
images hedit header editor  
  imcopy copy an image  
  imdelete delete a list of images  
  imheader print an image header 4.3.1
  imlintran linearly transform a list of 2-D images 6.7.4
  magnify magnify a list of 1-D or 2-D images 6.7.4
images:tv display displays image on screen 5.3
  imexamine examine images using image display, graphics, and text 6.2.6
  tvmark mark objects on the image display 5.6
  wcslab overlay a displayed image with a world coordinate grid 5.5.4
xray xapropos list all tasks related to a given subject  
xray:xdataio datarep convert binary number representations to host computer format  
  efits2qp convert an Einstein FITS file into an IRAF/PROS QPOE file  
  fits2qp convert from BINTABLE FITS format to PROS QPOE format 3.6.2
  hkfilter generate a QPOE time filter string from an input housekeeping filter  
  mkhkscr generate a housekeeping (TSI) filter  
  mperfits convert from MPE/MIDAS FITS IMAGE to IRAF image format w/WCS 3.2.2

Package Task Description Section(s)
xray:xdataio qp2fits Convert from PROS QPOE format to BINTABLE FITS Format 3.6.2
  qpaddaux add additional BINTABLEs to existing QPOE file  
  qpgapmap calculate the de-gapped HRI coordinates (detx,dety)  
  rarc2pros Convert ROSAT archive files to PROS format 3.3.3
  rfits2pros Convert ROSAT PI data tapes to PROS format 3.3.1
  upimgrdf convert a list of IRAF/PROS IMAGE files into RDF compatible format  
  upqpoerdf convert a list of IRAF/PROS QPOE files into RDF compatible format  
  xrfits Read FITS data and convert to IRAF IMAGE or TABLE files 3.2.2
  xwfits Writes a FITS output file from IRAF IMAGE or TABLE files 3.6
xray:xdataio:eincdrom ecd2pros copy or convert FITS files from the Einstein CD-ROMs  
  ecdinfo display information about a specific Einstein dataset  
  eincdpar edit the eincdrom package wide parameters  
  eindatademo demonstration of Einstein IPC unscreened data  
xray:xdemo gspectral demonstration of spectral functions, with line graphics  
  gtiming demonstration of timing functions, with line graphics  
  spatialdemo demonstration of spatial functions, with line image display  
  spectraldemo demonstration of spectral functions, with image display  
  timingdemo demonstration of timing functions, with image display  

Package Task Description Section(s)
xray:ximages imcalc Arithmetic operations on image files 6.7.3
  imcreate Create an image from a binary file or a constant value  
  imcompress Compress an IRAF image by pixel summation  
  imnode Remove node information from IRAF image pixfile pathname  
  imreplicate Expand an IRAF image by pixel replication  
  plcreate create a pixel list from a region 6.2.1
  pllist display a pixel list 6.2.2
  qpcopy copy a qpoe file to another qpoe file 4.2
  qplintran Apply linear transformation to a QPOE file 4.7
  qplist list individual photon records in regions and aux. records 4.3
  qprotate rotate a qpoe file outputting another qpoe file 4.6
  qpshift Apply linear shift to a QPOE file 4.5
  qpsort sort a qpoe file 4.4
  qphedit edit header parameters in qpoe or image file 2.3.5
  xhadd add x-ray history record to an image or qpoe  
  xhdisp display x-ray history records  
xray:xplot imcontour display a contour map of an image using wcs 6.4.3
  pspc_hrcolor Generate an x-ray color image 5.10
  tabplot Plot tables, lists or image sections 5.9
  tvimcontour load an image and overlay a contour map into the display window 5.5
  tvlabel display an image with a wcs cursor readback in hh:mm:ss, dd:mm:ss 5.4.1
  tvproj display an image with x and y projections 5.7
  xdisplay load an xray image into the display window 5.3
  ximtool invoke SAOIMAGE for use with IRAF/XDISPLAY [*]
  xexamine examine a qpoe using the image display and wcs coordinates 5.3.10
xray:xspatial errcreate generate a PROS error image from data image  
  fixsaoreg convert an SAOimage region file to PROS physical coords 5.2.5
  imcnts count photons (w/bkgd subtraction) in regions 6.2.8,6.3
  imdisp display pixel values in regions  
  improj perform rectangular projections on an image 6.3.5
  immodel create a model array from a source list 6.8.1

Package Task Description Section(s)
xray:xspatial imsmooth smooth an image 6.4.1
  isoreg create region mask by applying intensity levels to image data 6.2.3
  makevig generate a vignetting mask file from calibration data
  rosprf Build ROSAT point response function 6.8.2
  skypix process and convert between astronomical coordiante systems 5.4.2
  vigdata apply vignetting correction to image data
  vigmodel apply vignetting effect to an image model  
  wcscoords use WCS to convert between IRAF coordinate systems (logical, physical)  
xray:xspatial.detect bepos determine the best source position from a rough position list 6.9
  bkden determine the background density of a given region 6.9
  cellmap block a qpoe file at detect cell size resolution 6.9
  detmkreg make a region file in logical coords from detect tables 6.9
  lbmap makes a local background map 6.9
  ldetect `canned' local detect task 6.9
  lmatchsrc Match sources between/within different cell sizes 6.9
  lpeaks determine the rough source positions from a snrmap 6.9
  snrmap determine the signal-to-noise of a given image 6.9
xray:xspectral bal_plot plot the current BAL histogram (Einstein IPC data only)  
  counts_plot plot the observed and/or predicted count distributions 7.8
  dofitplot do fit and then counts_plot 7.2
  fit find best-fit model values using simplex minimization 7.7
  grid_plot plot the chisquared grid with contour lines 7.10
  hxflux compute x-ray flux from ROSAT HRI data 7.11
  intrinsicspecplot plot the emitted and observed spectrum  
  pkgpars spectral package parameter pset 7.5
  qpspec create spectral data set from a qpoe file 7.6
  search_grid perform a chisquared grid search 7.9
  show_models display the current model parameters  
  singlefit compare fixed-parameter model with data  
  xflux compute x-ray flux from models 7.11

Package Task Description Section(s)
xray:xtiming chiplot plot a chi-squre table (output of period) 8.9
  fft compute Fast Fourier Transform on table or qpoe data 8.8
  fftplot plot a fft table (output of fft) 8.8.2
  fldplot plot a fld table (output of fold) 8.10
  fold fold time data on a period and compute statistics 8.10
  ftpplot plot a ftp table (output of fft) 8.8.5
  ksplot Plots result of K-S variability test 8.11
  ltcplot plot a ltc table (output of ltcurv) 8.5
  ltcurv compute count rates of binned source and bkgd 8.5
  period determine the period using epoch folding 8.9
  qpphase Calculate photon phase for a QPOE  
  timfilter write qpoe time interval filters to an ascii file 8.4
  timplot strip plot of table format data  
  timprint display timing table data 8.6
  timsort create a time-sorted qpoe file for timing analysis 8.3
  vartst Variability test 8.11
xray.xtiming.timcor apply_bary apply the barycenter time corrections to the time-sorted qpoe file 8.7.2
  calc_bary calculate the barycenter time corrections 8.7.1
  scc_to_utc convert from ROSAT space-craft clock to UTC 8.7.3

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