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*fixsaoreg* -- restore SAOimage region to original image (physical) coordinates

In order to view a large image/qp file with the SAOimage display, it is necessary to block or section that image. The SAOimage pixel readout is not in original image/qp coordinates (physical) but in blocked and perhaps sectioned coordinates (logical). In addition, any defined region (cursor) will also be in logical coordinates. To convert an SAOimage cursor file into original (physical) coordinates:

  xr> xspatial
  xs> fixsaoreg saoimage.reg fixsaoimage.reg

In the output file, your original region has been commented out and the same region in physical coordinates has been inserted. This region file can then be used as input to a PROS task, e.g., qpspec, imcnts, using the original image/qp file.