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*qplist* - Inspection of .qp files

  Input file:      xdata$snr.qp:

  cfa#: cl                                       #enter IRAF environment

  cl> xray
  xr> ximages
  xi> qplist xdata$snr events=no header=yes

This will display header on the screen.

To look at the contents of the file xdata$snr.qp, if in SUNTOOLS, first make sure page mode is enabled (press right button, cursor in window), then:

  xi> qplist sdata$snr

Computer will list events in file.

Press space bar for next page, to quit type: ctrl c

If using xwindows, the above command will start the display of a (usually) long list of events. This display can then be stopped with ctrl s, moved through a limited page with the scroll bar and restarted with ctrl q. Again ctrl c will exit.

Or the file can be displayed one page at a time with

  xi> qplist xdata$snr events+ header- last=20 | page

  xi> qplist xdata$snr events+ header- first=1000 | page

Space bar will display next page, d will move down 1/2 page, q will quit.

To display temporal status interval records, use:

  xi> qplist xdata$snr events- tsi+