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*qpcopy* - Manipulation of PROS/IRAF data files

Copy .qp file, usually through a filter, to make a new qp file. This example shows selection of two time intervals (or exclusion of all data not in these two intervals).

  cl> xray
  xr> ximages
  xi> qpcopy

  input qpoe file name: xdata$rp110590.qp[time=(1606720:1607484, 1611613:1612817)]}
  region description: ``''    # This is the ``null string'' which will cause
                                              # entire image to be copied.
  output filename: comal
  event definition: medium # possibilities are: peewee, small, medium, large, region.

If the command line is too long, there may be problems. If many intervals are specified, the filter should be put in a file and the task directed to the file. e.g. Make a file intervals which contains the line:

time = (a:b,c:d,e:f,...).

Then type input file name


If the input file is time ordered (e.g., *_sti.qp), there is a parameter which must be reset.

qpcopy.qp_mkindex = no

qpcopy will now operate on the time-ordered input file.