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*rfits2pros* - PI Data

Rfits2pros converts the FITS files for a ROSAT observation into a set of IRAF/PROS files that includes qpoe, image, and table files. rfits2pros reads data in either rationalized data format (RDF) or US Rev0 format. The FITS files must first be loaded from the tape distributed to PI's (see).t2d

To translate the FITS files to IRAF/PROS use rfits2pros as follows:

  cl> xray
  xr> xdataio
  xd> rfits2pros rostape pspc

See help explain_xdata for a description of the RDF data files. See chapter 12 in this document for a list of the US Rev0 files. A description of all FITS files can be found in the ROSAT DATA PRODUCTS GUIDE.

The complete (unscreened) events are available in ROSAT data distributed in the rationalized data format (RDF). Run rfits2pros with the `unscreened=yes' option to get an 'unscreened' qpoe (standard + rejected events).