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*imsmooth* - Smooth an image

Smooth the image with a gaussian function of $\sigma$ = 2 pixels. A small ( $200\times 200$) portion of the field will be used (smoothing takes longer on large arrays).

input file: rp90_ab.imh

output file: rp90_ab_smo.imh

  xr> xspatial                                           # Load the spatial package
  xs> imsmooth                                                   # Smooth the image
  name of input image (dev$pix) :  rp90_ab         # rp90_ab.imh from Section 6.7.1
  root name for output file [root_smo.imh] : rp90_ab

# =rp90_ab_smo.imh4
        resultant output image dimensions: 200 x 200
        internal image dimensions for fft: 256 x 256

  type of convolving function (gauss): <cr>
  function radius, sigma or width: 2                                # In pixel units