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*fold* - Make a folded light curve

Run fold on the timesorted output. This task computes the average or folded light curve for a single cycle of known period.

input file: rp90_sect2_sti.qp

output file:

  xt> fold
  input source timing file:  rp90_sect2
  input background timing file (none): <cr>
  root name for outfile []: rp90_part2   # chosen so name of output
                                     # file different from that of Section 8.9.
  fold period in seconds: 100.14                   # this value chosen by user.
  number of bins:  10
The folded light curve may be displayed with the task fldplot.
  xt> fldplot rp90_part2_fld
Note: For error bars on plot set the parameter ecolumn=``err''.