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*vartst* - Test for Source Variability

This task applies two non-parametric statistical tests, the Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Cramer-Von Mises tests, to the cumulative distribution of photon arrival times (with data gaps removed), to test the hypothesis that the source rate is constant. Input file is a timesorted qp file. Results are listed on the screen and can be plotted with the task ksplot.

input file: rp90_sti.qp

output files: rp90_iq1.cmd,rp90_iq2.cmd,

  xt> vartst

  Input source timing file:  rp90
  Root name for output files: rp90
  Number of Events: 14625
Ks-text Thresh. : 90% = 0.010, 95% = 0.011, 99% = 0.013

Max diff = 0.02448, Variability detected with 99% confidence level

CvM Thresh. : 90% = 0.347, 95% = 0.461, 99% = 0.743

CvM = 3.57285, Variability detected with 99% confidence level

  Creating igi Ksplot cmd file:  rp90_ig1.cmd
  Creating igi Conf band cmd file: rp90_ig2.cmd
  Creating Var file:

  xt> ksplot
  Root name for input file(s): rp90             # plot appears in grapic window

  xt> =gcur                                   # give control to graphics cursor

Type = for hard copy, q to return control to text window.