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*qpphase* - Append phase to events in QPOE file

This task computes the phases of individual QPOE events for an assumed period P and rate of change of period Pdot according to the formula

PHI(t) = mod[t/P - 0.5 * Pdot * (t**2/P**2), 1.0].

The phases are appended to the individual event records by defining a new event structure for the output QPOE file.

input files: rp90_out.qp

output files: rp90_ph.qp

  xt> qpphase
  input qpoe file name: rp90_out
  region descriptor: <CR>                                    # region selection
                                                                 # already done
  Nominal period in seconds: 100.14
  Rate of change in period (0.): <CR>
  output qpoe file name: rp90_ph
  event definition ({s:x,s:y,s:pha,s:pi,d:time,d:phase,s:detx,s:dety}): <CR>

  rp90_out.qp (; no exp.; period=100.140000; pdot=0.000000) -> rp90_ph.qp
  Creating QPOE output file: rp90_ph.qp
Note, the phases are only valid for the period and Pdot chosen.