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[MADS] Kalman Filter

I decide to discuss Kalman Filter a while ago for the slog after finding out that this popular methodology is rather underrepresented in astronomy. However, it is not completely missing from ADS. I see that the fulltext search and all bibliographic source search shows more results. Their use of Kalman filter, though, looked similar to the usage of “genetic algorithms” or “Bayes theorem.” Probably, the broad notion of Kalman filter makes it difficult my finding Kalman Filter applications by its name in astronomy since often wheels are reinvented (algorithms under different names have the same objective). Continue reading ‘[MADS] Kalman Filter’ »

[Quote] Abstract – There are none.

From Guaranteed Margins for LQG Regulartors J.C. Doyle (1978) IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 23(4), pp. 756- 757

The abstract has one sentence: There are none and the first paragraph of this short paper explains the uniqueness of the abstract: Continue reading ‘[Quote] Abstract – There are none.’ »