I do not rely much on my cell phone. It functions as a tool for confronting emergencies. On the other hand, it seems like people do lots of things with their smart phones and I like to add one thing to your “what I do with my phone.”

According to Wikipedia, Wapedia brings the contents of Wikipedia to mobile devices like mobile phones and PDAs. I might say that Wapedia is an optimized version of Wikipedia for mobile phones.

It’s hard to think about life without Wikipedia these days. I use it for getting summaries about stellar clusters (Messier or NGC). I use it for learning theories in astrophysics. I use it for reminding me the functional forms of various distributions and their moments. I use it for getting definitions of scientific and engineering jargon. And I use it for many many reasons.

Probably if someone gets along well with electronic gadgets, they already use Wapedia. It might be a cliche. Then, can you help me? I like to hear how people handle cheating with cell phone when one can retrieve any information through Wapedia during exams. I believe some sloggers are in education.

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