GLAST Workshop on June 21 at Science Ctr

GLAST workshop will be held at Science Center (Hall A, located at the 1st floor) of Harvard University. Nice opportunity to learn about GLAST mission and its programs. Free registration and open to everyone. Please, visit for registration and further information.

  1. hlee:

    I went the workshop thanks to my curiosity. One thing I noticed is that astronomers use lots of acronyms. I’m sure astronomers think statisticians use too many greet letters.

    06-21-2007, 10:10 pm
  2. vlk:

    I can’t speak for other astronomers, but I do think that statisticians use greek letters far too restrictively. A strict system is all well and good, but one quickly runs out of symbols that way. Which is why I suppose statisticians use so much shorthand, e.g., a Gaussian is N(0,1) rather than
    g(x) = exp(-x^2/2)

    06-21-2007, 11:24 pm
  3. hlee:

    I was going to add that. Too many subscripts and superscripts in addition to shorthands. Then, thought about tensors by astrophysicists (cosmologists). Later, I realized statisticians use “suppose,” “consider” and “assume” too often times.

    06-22-2007, 12:07 pm
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