[ArXiv] Random Matrix, July 13, 2007

From arxiv/astro-ph:0707.1982v1,
Nflation: observable predictions from the random matrix mass spectrum by Kim and Liddle

To my knowledge, random matrix received statisticians’ interests fairly recently and SAMSI (Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute) offered a semester long program on High Dimensional Inference and Random Matrices (tutorials and lecture notes can be found) during Fall 2006 . However, my knowledge is very limited to make a comment or critic on Kim and Liddle’s paper. Clearly, nonetheless, this paper is not about random matrix theory but about its straightforward application to the cosmological model viability.

A. Liddle has published papers on theoretic cosmology from a statistical model based approach (the ones I’ve seen are most likely related to statistical model selection). Personally, I like his book: An Introduction to Modern Cosmology (2nd ed. ISBN 0-470-84835-9), which might be useful to statisticians who wish to work with cosmologists.

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