[ArXiv] Data Visualization, July 17, 2007

From arxiv/astro-ph:0707.2474,
Visualization, Exploration and Data Analysis of Complex Astrophysical Data by Comparato, Becciani, Costa, Larsson, Garilli, Gheller, and Taylor

This paper introduces a novel advanced visualization tool VisIVO,[1] its advantages from combining a protocol called PLASTIC (Platform for Astronomy Tool Interconnection) for displaying and extracting information from astrophysical data, its enhanced connection to VO (Virtual Observatory), and its usage in several scientific cases.

Data visualization has never been emphasized more than these days in all fields. Each field has its own peculiarity of their data patterns and experiencing fast growth in their size. Tools specifically designed for astrophysical data well deserve a welcome.

  1. Available at http://visivo.cineca.it[]
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