[ArXiv] Astronomy Job Market in US

It’s a report about the job market in US.

[astro-ph:0712.2820] The Production Rate and Employment of Ph.D. Astronomers T.S. Metcalfe

Related Comments:

  1. Much more jobs than I expected. However, it cannot compete with jobs in Statistics.
  2. Three jobs before having a stable one in astronomy. Do not know in statistics.
  3. Astronomy Ph.D. students receive more cares, in a sense that the job market is controlled to guarantee a position for every student. In statistics, without care you can find something (not necessary a research position).

Unrelated Comment on Correlation:
It’s a cultural difference. Maybe not. When I learned correlation years ago from a textbook, the procedure is, 1. compute the correlation and 2. do a t-test. In astronomical papers, 1. do regression and 2. plot the simple linear regression line with error bands and data points. The computing procedure is same but the way illustrates the results seems different.

I wonder what would it be like when we narrow the job market for astrostatisticians.

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