[ArXiv] 1st week, Nov. 2007

To be exact, the title of this posting should contain 5th week, Oct, which seems to be the week of EGRET. In addition to astro-ph papers, although they are not directly related to astrostatistics, I include a few statistics papers which may be profitable for astronomical data analysis.

  • [astro-ph:0710.4966]
    Uncertainties of the antiproton flux from Dark Matter annihilation in comparison to the EGRET excess of diffuse gamma rays by Iris Gebauer
  • [astro-ph:0710.5106]
    The dark connection between the Canis Major dwarf, the Monoceros ring, the gas flaring, the rotation curve and the EGRET excess of diffuse Galactic Gamma Rays by W. de Boer et.al.
  • [astro-ph:0710.5119]
    Determination of the Dark Matter profile from the EGRET excess of diffuse Galactic gamma radiation by Markus Weber
  • [astro-ph:0710.5171]
    Systematic Bias in Cosmic Shear: Beyond the Fisher Matrix by A.Amara and A. Refregier
  • [astro-ph:0710.5560]
    Principal Component Analysis of the Time- and Position-Dependent Point Spread Function of the Advanced Camera for Surveys by M.J. Jee et.al.
  • [astro-ph:0710.5637]
    A method of open cluster membership determination by G. Javakhishvili et.al.
  • [stat.CO:0710.5670]
    An Elegant Method for Generating Multivariate Poisson Data by I. Yahav and G.Shmueli
  • [astro-ph:0710.5788]
    Variations in Stellar Clustering with Environment: Dispersed Star Formation and the Origin of Faint Fuzzies by B. G. Elmegreen
  • [math.ST:0710.5749]
    On the Laplace transform of some quadratic forms and the exact distribution of the sample variance from a gamma or uniform parent distribution by T.Royen
  • [math.ST:0710.5797]
    The Distribution of Maxima of Approximately Gaussian Random Fields by Y. Nardi, D.Siegmund and B.Yakir
  • [astro-ph:0711.0177]
    Maximum Likelihood Method for Cross Correlations with Astrophysical Sources by R.Jansson and G. R. Farrar
  • [stat.ME:0711.0198]
    A Geometric Approach to Confidence Sets for Ratios: Fieller’s Theorem, Generalizations, and Bootstrap by U. von Luxburg and V. H. Franz
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  1. hlee:

    The last paper reminded me a paper by Prof. Babu at PSU, A Note on Comparison of Conditional Means J. Statist. Plann. Inference 19 (1988) no. 2, 253-259. (Don’t ask me the content. I forgot. This paper was brought up during the exoplanet working group meeting at SAMSI for some bayesian modeling fitting.)

    11-02-2007, 6:39 pm
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