PAUL GREEN's Avocations

Science writing! Here's one (postscript) example about dwarf carbon stars. Or howzabout dark matter ?

Jazz (or is it Newgrass, or Fusion, or Celtic!?) with the acoustic quintet of The Wicked Pickers.

Goal: To jam dark and fiendish bass lines lines so funky and low that you grow a pelvis from your medulla, and a hippopotamous from your hypothalamous.

The Bottom Line Archive

jazz , rock, Afro-pop, Afro-cuban, Brazilian , classical, bluegrass, blues, etc.

Squash, Skiing ( XC and downhill).

For backpacking or camping, consult my be-all-and-end-all list of what to bring, from essentials to widgets!


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My email address is pgreen at cfa dot harvard dot edu
Phone is (617)495-7057 and FAX (617)495-7356, at the
Center for Astrophysics,
60 Garden St., Cambridge MA 02138