PAUL GREEN's Backpacking/Camping List


sleeping bag
thermal underpad
hiking boots
tent w/fly
warm coat (down, wool, or fleece)
stove and fuel
waterproof matches/butane lighter

Your tent provides a good share of your sleeping warmth, and the fly makes big difference too, but your sleeping bag should be warmer than you think you need.
CRUCIAL SMALL ITEMS: Essentials that sometimes get left out.

quart canteen (2)
good maps/trail descriptions
flashlight (a headlamp is better!)
extra batteries
pocket knife

water filter or chemical water purification
many options! iodine is cheap, and they say that adding soluble Vitamin C (after the iodine has done its job) significantly improves the taste!)

WIDGETS and COMFORTS: You'll have your own ideas here. Some of these are indispensable. Better bring the rope, at least to hang food - not just from bears, but rodents! And (DUH!) if you packed it in, burn it or pack it out!

insect repellent
nylon rope (50ft+)
ground cover
pack cover (or)
large hefty bags
ziplock bags
toilet paper (biodegradable)
moleskin !!
1st aid tape/bandaids
antihistamine (for allergic reactions)
spoon and fork
can opener
large collapsible water jug
wisk broom
small pliers
Dr. Bronner's/biodegradable soap

Just because you bring biodegradable soap doesn't mean fish like it. I mean, do YOU drink it? Please try to keep it out of streams and lakes.
DON'T FORGET YOUR CLOTHES: Avoid cotton! For serious cold weather, down is best, but the problem is it's useless wet! For merely chilly weather, synthetic fleece or wool both retain their warmth even if wet. Fleece is best because it dries quickly! Layers are always the way to go, with water resistant shells on top! Always have long underwear (silk or fleece) even in summer. Cotton is good for about ten minutes until it gets wet or sweaty. After that it's dead weight.

warm hat
sun/rain hat
rain suit
long cotton shirt and pants
wool/fleece sweater and pants
rag socks (1 per 2 days)
long johns (silk/fleece/capilene)
liner socks (polypro/capilene)
tank tops

AND DON'T FORGET FOOD! Bring extra. If you need to diet, do it back home. If you get stuck, or it gets cold, or a racoon raids your pack, you'll be happy you lugged those extra bagels. In fact, all food tastes great outdoors, and you'll eat a lot more than usual, if you're working them quads.

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