A constellation of Astronomers

This analysis is currently disabled

This particular part of the analysis has been disabled since the code is struggling to cope with the number of users seen this year, in particular the large contingent of people who have re-tweeted NASA.

The graph below represents the connections between users tweeting about the 225th meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Unfortunately you need quite a large window to see it.

You can also look at a matrix view of this data.

The page is updated infrequently.

Time range (Pacific): to

Number of accounts: ; Number of links:

The circles represent Twitter accounts; the color is coded based on the number of followers of each account using the scale given at the top of the graph (it's also included in the mouse-over text for each account), although I don't have this information for all users. The links between the accounts identify those users who have mentioned another user in a tweet, using the @name syntax; the line widths increase based on the number of mentions but given that the graph is ever-so-slightly crowded this isn't that useful at this time. The color of the link indicates the size of the community that the link belongs to; the same scale is used in the matrix view, which also contains a brief explanation on the algorithm used to pick up these communities.

If you move your mouse over a node then you should see a pop-up giving the name of the user and the lines connected to this user are highlighted; you should probably wait for the animation to stop, or use the handy-dandy "Stop" button, before trying this.

Please see the data collection page for a description of how the data was collected and processed.


This visualization was created using the d3.js JavaScript library, and is based on the force-directed graph example.