Tweets from the 218th meeting of the AAS

Can we divine anything from the Twitter stream of the 218th meeting of the AAS?

The results presented here unfortunately do not reflect all the tweets from the meeting, but only those available via the Twitter Search API. Also, unlike my AAS 215 study I am only using the #AAS218 hashtag since #AAS is no-longer particularly astronomy-related (this link may include language or links that could be considered offensive).

The archivist site only gets updated once per day (this may be more frequent during the conference, once people really start tweeting) and the the visualization of links between people is limited to "recent" tweets.


The tweets used in the work presented here were extracted from Twitter using the Twitter Search API and some rather ugly Haskell code. Conversion to Word Cloud form was via the magic of WordCram; the inelegant output is *my* fault, not a fault of the library!

The online services used (other than Twitter) are the archivist by MIX online and the Twitter visualization service by Tony Hirst (@psychemedia). Thanks a bundle!

Last, but not least, thank you to all the Astronomers who used Twitter to discuss the meeting.

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