When did people tweet about AAS225?

Here we show when people tweeted (orange) or re-tweeted (blue) during the AAS 225 meeting. The display is per-day, the data has been binned into 2 minute bins, and the decision on whether a particular message is a tweet or a re-tweet was made by Twitter.

The page is updated infrequently.

Time range (Pacific): to

Number of tweets: (in orange) and retweets: (in blue)

Note: I have now separated the tweet and retweet plots, rather than overlap them with different axes. Let's see if this is easier to understand.

The top plot shows the number of tweets (a cumulative view), the middle plot the retweet rate (blue), and the bottom plot the tweet rate (orange); note the difference in scale in the two rate axes! The values under the day name in the buttons above give the number of tweets (T) and retweets (RT) in that day. Use the "Smooth" button to switch to a lightly-smoothed version of the data.

Due to a process being randomly killed - I suspect the Out of Memory Killer but have little-to-no proof, I don't have data for the period 3:16 AM to 4:10 AM (Pacific) on Thursday, January 8 2015. This is shown as the red bar. Fortunately most Astronomers were at this point recovering from the AAS party, so it shouldn't have a significant impact on the analysis.

A cumulative view

Here the vertical axis indicates the Tweeter, with the bottom being the first to tweet and the top the last. Each tweet is represented by a circle - coloring is the same as the plot above, so a tweet is orange and a re-tweet is blue - and a set of horizontal circles indicates multiple tweets by the author. If anyone can point me to the blog entry (April 2013 or earlier) which analyzed the tweets from a conference using R and included this style of plot, I'll be able to credit it.


This visualization was created using the d3.js JavaScript library. Please see the data collection page for a description of how the data was collected and processed.