What words are people using to describe AAS219?

The data below shows the most-popular words in tweets about the 219th meeting of the American Astronmical Society. To be included on this graph a word needs to appear at least times and the analysis was done on tweets.

Note: You may need to widen your browser window to make this out; sorry.

Please see the data collection page for a description of how the data was collected and processed. A number of common English words have been removed (including the term AAS219 since that appears in virtually all the tweets). Since most tweets were in English I have made little attempt to support other languages.

Unlike previous versions of this graph, the case of words has now been retained, as has the leading @ of user names and # of hash tags. Individual results have changed slightly – for instance the count for the word NASA has dropped since a significant fraction of these were actually references to @NASA – but the overall results have not changed significantly.

The term RT – used to indicate a retweet – has been left in this list to indicate that there were a large number of retweets (roughly half of them).

The one URL that appears in the list – http://t.co/tCLsTTs – refers to the Plenty of Planets post on the PlanetQuest site.


This visualization was created using the d3.js JavaScript library.