When did people tweet about AAS219?

Here we show when people tweeted (orange) or re-tweeted (blue) during the AAS 219 meeting. The display is per-day, the data has been binned into 2 minute bins, and the decision on whether a particular message is a tweet or a re-tweet was made by Twitter.

The spikes in the re-tweets seem generally to be from people forwarding on a message from one of the many NASA accounts that tweeted during the meeting, but I haven't looked into it too closely.

The values under the day name in the buttons above give the number of tweets (T) and retweets (RT) in that day. The data has been lightly smoothed; to remove this and see the actual data use the Raw button.

The red bands - seen on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - show those regions when I am missing some data, so I do not have information on whether this is a re-tweet (so the blue histogram drops to zero), and the volume of tweets is less than at other times.

Please see the data collection page for a description of how the data was collected and processed.


This visualization was created using the d3.js JavaScript library.