Mentoring PhD students

While at ESO, I have been working with PhD students at Leiden Observatory (Duy Hoang), Lisbon (Ana Paulino-Afonso) and Lancaster (Joao Calhau), on topics of diffuse emission in disturbed clusters, galaxy evolution in clusters, and the co-evolution of AGN and their host galaxies.
I also worked with Joe Cairns (now doing his PhD at Imperial College) on molecular gas in star forming galaxies housed by distrubed, low-mass clusters.

Leiden Observatory

Supervising a MSc student

While I was in my PhD, I supervised Josh Albert's MSc project at Leiden, on the topic of diffuse radio emission in a relatively high redshift cluster. The paper has been submitted to A&A in Jan 2017. Finger's crossed!
In the meanwhile, Josh has started a PhD at Leiden Observatory, continuing his work on clusters.

Radio Astronomy

In Autumn 2013, I was the Teaching Assistant for the course Radio Astronomy, taught by Prof Michael Garrett (now director at Jodrell Bank). I assisted with general organisation of the course, including leading the lab course and the excursion to LOFAR, WSRT and ASTRON.

Jacobs University

Advanced Physics - Analytical Mechanics

In my third year of undergrad studies (2009-2010), I TA-ed the second year Analytical Mechanics Course, taught by Prof Peter Schupp. I gave quasi-weekly tutorials for a group of roughly 15 students (that is the size of a typical Jacobs physics class!! :) ), graded homework and prepared sample solutions (typing 5-6 pages of equations and text in Latex every week is a lot of work, trust me :(). We covered topics ranging from the central force problem, rigid body kinematics to the Lagrange and Hamiltonian formalisms and normal modes. Books I found particularly useful for this course are: Classical Mechanics by Goldstein, Classical Mechanics by Kibble and Berkshire, Mechanics by Landau and Lifshits, and A Guide to Physics Problems, Part 1: Mechanics, Relativity, and Electrodynamics by Cahn, Nadgorny and Yang. The first three books contain a lot of theory and some exercises, while the latter book is full of problems you can work on your own. It also has solutions which is great as you are able to check your answers.

Natural Science Laboratory - Physics

In the academic year 2008-2009, I was teaching assistant for Prof Jürgen Fritz for the First Year Physics Laboratory. I demonstrated experiments on topics such as the ideal gas law, Stefan-Boltzmann's law, geometrical optics. Tasks of the TA job included showing the students the setup, helping them if they were stuck, explaining the theory and checking that they have performed the experiment correctly and fully.