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Yes, please

Yes we can

From a poem submitted to the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics:


Because of statistics
I can rearrange the stars in the skies above

Indeed. Especially so when the PSF is broad and the stars overlap.


Quote of the Date

Really, there is no point in extracting a sentence here and there, go read the whole thing:

Why I don’t like Bayesian Statistics

- Andrew Gelman

Oh, alright, here’s one:

I can’t keep track of what all those Bayesians are doing nowadays–unfortunately, all sorts of people are being seduced by the promises of automatic inference through the “magic of MCMC”–but I wish they would all just stop already and get back to doing statistics the way it should be done, back in the old days when a p-value stood for something, when a confidence interval meant what it said, and statistical bias was something to eliminate, not something to embrace.

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[Quote] Changing my mind (again)

From IMS Bulletin Vol. 36(7) p.10, Terence’s Stuff: Changing my mind (again)
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[Quote] Model Skeptics

From IMS Bulletin Vol. 36(3), p.11, Terence’s Stuff: Model skeptics

[Once I quoted an article by Prof. Terry Speed in IMS Bulletin: Data-Doctors. Reading his columns in the IMS Bulletin provides me an opportunity to reflect who I am as a statistician and some guidance for treating data. Although his ideas were not from astronomy or astronomical data analysis, I often find his thoughts and words can be shared with astronomers.]
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