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[ArXiv] Particle Physics

Open Statistical Issues in Particle Physics by Louis Lyons

My recollection of meeting Prof. L. Lyons was that he is very kind and listening. I was delighted to see his introductory article about particle physics and its statistical challenges from an [arxiv:stat] email subscription. Continue reading ‘[ArXiv] Particle Physics’ »

[ArXiv] Spatial Correlation in the Scan Statistic

Accounting for Spatial Correlation in the Scan Statistic by Loh &Zhu [stat.AP:0712.1458] provides a picture that helps us to understand excessive false alarms in source detection when the image data set is based on the Poisson point process. Without any experience in source detection analysis, empirically I cannot state the detection statistics nor the p-values of detection methods. However, with acknowledging the over-dispersed Poisson count data and the unknown spatial correlation prior to detecting analysis, we could guess that the false discovery of sources occurs more often than what we expect.
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