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A Conversation with Peter Huber

The problem with data analysis is of course that it is a performing art. It is not something you easily write a paper on; rather, it is something you do. And so it is difficult to publish.

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An excerpt from “A Conversation with Leo Breiman”

Leo Breiman (1928-2005) was one of the most dominant statisticians from the 20th century. He was well known for his textbook in probability theory as well as his contributions to the machine learning, such as CART (Classification and Regression Tree), bagging (bootstrap aggregation), and Random Forest. He was the founding father of statistical machine learning. His works can be found from

An excerpt from “A Conversation with Leo Breiman,” from Statistical Science, by Richard Olshen (2001), 16(2), pp. 184–198, casts a second thought on the direction of statistical researches:
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