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*imcnts* - Radial Profile in a Quadrant

Obtain a radial profile for a quadrant of the central point source:

input file: xdata$snr

output file:

  xs>  imcnts 
  source image file:  xdata$snr[pi=2:10] 
  source region descriptor:  pie 503 513 0 90 & a 503 513 0 50 n=5     # see below 
  background image file or cts/pixel:  xdata$snr.qp [pi=2:10] 
  background region descriptor:  a 503 513 100 150 
  rootname for output file []:  snr 


The source region descriptor defines a series of annuli within a 90$^{\circ}$ pie slice from 0$^{\circ}$ (+ y axis) to 90$^{\circ}$ (counter-clockwise) to generate a radial profile (see Displaying a Radial Profile).