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*tabplot* - Displaying a Radial Profile

input file: snr_cnt

output file:

To plot the radial profile generated in the previous section:

    xr> xplot 
    xp> tabplot ``snr_cnt rad1 cnt/pix''                     # sgraph must be given 
                       # these 3 parameters (input table, label of column giving x, 
                   # label of column giving y) as a group.  If in interactive mode, 
                                  # the 3 parameters must also be given as a group. 
                                                # the second parameter is rad(one).

The plot will appear and will be autoscaled appropriately.

To make hardcopy type, xp> =gcur

Put cursor within plot boundary and type = .

Type q to return to text window.

To add error bars to above graph, the error bars must be generated then overlaid on existing graph.

  xp> pltpar                                  # puts plot parameter file in editor. 
  move cursor to ``erraxis'', type 2 
  type ctrl x  to exit editor (for emacs, ctrl d  for vi)

  xp> epar tabplot			     
  move cursor to ``errcolumn'', type err/pix
  type ctrl x  to exit editor (for emacs, ctrl d  for vi)

  xp> tabplot ``snr_cnt rad1 cnt/pix'' append=yes    # overlays data and error bars

N.B. Remember that this has permanantly changed the plot parameter file and the parameters must be reset for subsequent plots.