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*imcnts* - Azimuthal profile of an extended source

An azimuthal profile is determined as follows. Input a spatially blocked and energy filtered image from above and use with the background determined from the broad-band background map.

  cl> xray 
  xr> xspatial 
  xs> imcnts addbkg=no                            # Do not add the background error 
  Source image file:  xdata$snr.qp 
  Source region descripter:  c 503 513 50 & p 503 513 0 360 n=10 
                                    # circular region centered on point source with 
                            # 25 pixel (block=2) radius divided into 10 pie slices. 
  background image file or cts/pixel:  xdata$snr.qp 
                                                        # broad band background map 
  bkgd region descriptor:  a 503 513 50 100                 # annulus around source 
  root name for output file []:  azim 
                                                  # output table i.e.

The profile can then be inspected using stsdas-stplot-sgraph. To look at the table (necessary to determine column headings for plotting) use stsdas-ttools-tprint.