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DASCH Resources for Logbook Transcribers

The DASCH project depends on volunteers who work at home to provide transcriptions of the Harvard College Observatory logbooks. A complete list of volunteers may be found on our Project Team website page. This page provides tools to assist our volunteers in their transcribing efforts.

Logbook Transcription Check Macro

Jim Ostiguy wrote this Excel spreadsheet macro which helps him check the accuracy of his transcription. This macro performs many of the calculations which are performed by the DASCH project team on receipt of logbook transcriptions. These calculations highlight lines which deserve special attention by our proofreaders. Please use this macro only to correct transcription typos. Jim is constantly improving the macro and would appreciate suggestions for its improvement.

The use of this macro is optional. Since the intent of the original telescope operators is occasionally ambiguous, the macro should only be used to correct obvious transcription errors.

Installation Instructions:

Alternate Installation Instructions:
An easier way to use the macro is to use this blank Excel spreadsheet. We have scanned this spreadsheet with an up-to-date virus checker to reduce the risk of importing a virus. Since the embedded macro does not have a certificate of authenticity, you will receive a security notice when opening the spreadsheet and must explicitly enable the macro.

Logbook Page Reformatting Tool

Logbook images are best viewed at full resolution. For transcribers who have low-resolution terminals, this tool extracts the relevant columns of the logbook image for easier transcription. The image below shows the operation of the tool. Press Select Images to select the images to be reformatted and press Reformat Images to perform the reformatting operation. Images will appear in the same directory with the prefix _Reformatted_.

Installation Instructions: