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A New Look at the Temporal Universe

DASCH team gathering, July 213 . Top Row left to right: Ellie Simcoe, Robert Simcoe, Edward Los, Josh Grindlay, George Miller, Alan Sliski, Ellery Buntell, and David Sliski. Bottom row: Thomas Rhines, Rami El Adli, Kent Chan, Jamie Pepper, and Sandy El Moghazi. Not shown: Tim Chung, James Falese, and Nick Bealo.

Current Project Team
Prof. Jonathan GrindlayHCO - Principal Investigator
Alison DoaneHCO - Plate Stacks Curator
Jessica MinkSAO - Archive Software
George MillerGraduate Student - Transient Search
Sumin TangPhotometry
Mathieu ServillatPhotometry
Bob SimcoeHCO associate - Scanner Hardware
Edward LosHCO associate - Scanner Software
Alan SliskiConsultant
George ChampineLogbook Photography
David SliskiHCO - Assistant Curator
William ToomeyPlate Scanning
Carl HeinrichPlate Scanning
Jim OstiguyPlate Scanning
Chase GreenSoftware, Plate Scanning
Bill RobinsonSoftware
Steve SiokPlate Scanning
John LeonelliPlate Scanning
Robert O'DayPlate Scanning
Ray KenisonPlate Scanning
Steve HombergStudent Programmer
Julia HardyPlate Scanning
Ted BlankLogbook Transcription
Melanie GibsonLogbook Transcription
Jeremy AtkinsPlate Preparation
Joan HaglerPlate Scanning
Richard TeagueSoftware
Bob BabcockSoftware
John MessierCabinet maker
Monika FrerkPlate Preparation
Sandy El MoghaziHCO 2013 Summer Assistant
Project Alumni
Bill WeirWPI - Machinist
John BlomquistMachinist
Michael Shaw2006 Summer Intern
Bruce BergerSoftware
Tom CalderwoodSoftware
Tracy McGinnisHCO - Assistant Curator
Jaime PepperHCO - Assistant Curator
Matthew GordonStudent Volunteer
Silas LaycockPhotometry
Charles SteinhardtGraduate Student - Database
Phyllis Van DynePlate Preparation
Emily ZhangHCO 2011 Summer Assistant
Brian ClausHCO 2011 Summer Assistant
Bianca HombergStudent Programmer
Preetham Chippada2012 Summer Intern
Esteniol Maitre2012 Summer Intern
Jaimie RyanHCO 2012 Summer Assistant
Tyreke WhiteHCO 2012 Summer Assistant
Hannah AlpertHCO 2012 Summer Assistant
Ramy El AdliHCO 2012/2013 Summer Assistant
Dylan TeagueHCO 2013 Summer Assistant
Tim ChungHCO 2013 Summer Assistant
Kent ChanHCO 2013 Summer Assistant
James Falese2012/2013 Summer Intern
Ellery Buntell2013 Summer Intern
Nick Bealo2013 Summer Intern
Thomas Rhines2013 Summer Intern

We appreciate the efforts of the logbook transcription team at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City led by Dr. Michael Shara, Curator, Dept. of Astrophysics, Christine Davis and formerly by Holly Barton. The team includes the following volunteers: Dave Krystel, Frank Piscitelli, Jane Wolff, Joseph Doherty, Michael Hamburg, Trudy Reitz, and Veronika Lea Kelly . Past contributors are Andrew Epstein, Aryeh Baruch, Barry Chin, Ian McManus, Kenneth Cunningham, Larry Furtsch, Lika Levi, Malcolm McLain, Michael Groysman, Michael Yohe, Nicole Steadman, Peter Lachman, Peter Marsh, Steve Goscinski, and Valerie Thaler.

The DASCH 2012 summer staff for prepared and scanned over 9,000 plates from June 1 to September 1. Top row: Esteniol Maitre, Ramy El Adli, and Jaimie Ryan. Middle row: Hannah Alpert and Tyreke White. Bottom row: Alison Doane, Jaime Pepper and David Sliski. Not shown: James Falese, Preetham Chippada, and Joan Hagler.

DASCH team meeting in December, 2011. Standing, left to right: Josh Grindlay, Mathieu Servillat, Steve Siok. Seated: Jim Ostiguy, David Sliski, Ray Kennison, Jamie Pepper, Alison Doane, Bob Simcoe, Edward Los, and Sumin Tang.