The Chandra Multiwavelength Project:Galactic Plane Survey Chandra X-ray Observatory National Optical Astronomy Observatory

The ChaMPlane survey is being conducted at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Early Results

GRO J0422+32 field

GRO J0422+32 is a Black Hole X-ray Nova (BHXN) discovered in outburst by GRO/BATSE on 5 August 1992. Dynamical data establish that its primary is a black hole with mass that likely exceeds ~ 9 M_solar and may be as high as ~ 28 M_solar.

Chandra observation of J0422+32 for 20 ksec was made on October 10, 2000 as part of a study of black hole event horizons (PI: McClintock). 66 X-ray sources (0.5-7.0 keV) were detected on 5 ACIS chips (I1-4 & S2), including J0422+32 which was placed at the telescope aim point on ACIS-I3. Photometry of J0422+32 was done on December 5, 2000 using KPNO/Mosaic with V, R, I and H-alpha filters.

Following images show the ChaMPlane early results of the J0422_32 field.

ChaMPlane X-ray source positions (green circles) superimposed on optical Mosaic image (stacked 10 dithered R images; total exposure time: 2100 sec) of J0422+32 field (North-up, East-left). White squares denote H-alpha emission sources, 3 of which are Chandra sources. Large green squares (8' x 8' each) are the Chandra ACIS overlay.
The same image as above but zoomed in by a factor of 2 centered at the aimpoint of ACIS-I (small greem diamond at the center).
The same image as above but zoomed in by a another factor of 2. J0422+32 is at the center of the green circle boxed by a white square at the center of the image.