Last Updated: 2008apr07

AstroStatistics Special Session

Methods and Techniques

High-Energy Astrophysics Division Meeting, Los Angeles

Monday, 12:45-2:00pm, Mar 31, 2008


Posters from the AstroStatistics and Data Analysis and Modeling Techniques sessions


* This is the sequel to the AstroStatistics Workshop held at HEAD-2004 in New Orleans
* Question from the floor to DvD: "I have heard of something called BLoCXS -- is it available?"
Answer: yes, but it is not robust enough for public release, so if you want to use it, contact the authors.)
* A general point made by EDF and later reinforced by DvD in response to question on why the F-test behavior is so different for emission and absorption lines (paraphrased): we can usually only tell when something is correct; when it isn't, nobody knows how wrong it can be.
* Comment from the floor: the Protassov et al. method of calibrating the LRT via ppp has been implemented as an XSPEC script (... by whom? ...)
* There is an AstroStatistics Weblog run by the CHASC group called the AstroStat Slog
* Comment by Tom Loredo on MCMC being "just one of a suite of tools for Bayesian computation (the simplest building on commonly available results; i.e., the Laplace approximation)", also discussed in his 1999 ADASS paper on Computational Technology for Bayesian Inference