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PC To VAX FTP Commands

At the end of each night, send the data you have collected over to the VAX cluster. Here is how to do it:

  1. In the program manger is a group called INTERNET in this group there is an item called QVTNET. Double-click on QVTNET and then choose the FTP option

  2. Using the dialog box login to the OBSERVER account on sbast3. Once there, type: cd homesbast92observer.

    This will put you into the data directory.

  3. Type mkdir and create a new directory under mtsb named for the month and the date after midnight. (ie. for the night of November 2 to the morning of the 3, use NOV_3. Cd into the new directory (eg. cd NOV_3)

  4. Check to make sure you are in the right directory by typing path. homesbast92observerNOV_3 is what you would see if you used the example from above. If you are not, use the CD command to changethe directory.

  5. Now you can transfer data. Type: binary to set the data type.

  6. Now type mput F:*.* This will send everything from the F: drive to the directory you are in FTP.

When the files have finished the transfer (this takes about 10 minutes) you exit the process. To do this: Simply select the exit option under the FILE pull-down.

Scott J. Wolk
Mon Nov 25 15:41:03 EST 1996