Oft-cited papers

Collisional Plasma Models with APEC/APED: Emission-Line Diagnostics of Hydrogen-like and Helium-like Ions

2001, ApJ

Smith, Randall K.; Brickhouse, Nancy S.; Liedahl, Duane A.; Raymond, John C. (almost 1000 citations)
Detection of an Unidentified Emission Line in the Stacked X-Ray Spectrum of Galaxy Clusters

2014, ApJ

Bulbul, Esra; Markevitch, Maxim; Foster, Adam; Smith, Randall K.; Loewenstein, Michael; Randall, Scott W.
Updated Atomic Data and Calculations for X-Ray Spectroscopy

2012, ApJ

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The X-Ray Halo of GX 13+1 2002, ApJ Smith, Randall K.; Edgar,Richard J.; Shafer, Richard A.
Suzaku Observations of the Local and Distant Hot ISM 2007, PASJ Smith, R. K. et al.


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