This is a playground service that combines several Astronomical vocabularies with a MOAT server. The idea is to see if we can add semantic knowledge by "tagging" Astronomical resources such as blogs (Chandra, Bad Astronomy), press releases (Chandra), papers (ADS, astro-ph), and even pretty pictures.

As this server is really a piece of semantic middleware, it is only going to be useful if you have a MOAT client to access the data and start semantically tagging things, adding to the "Linked Data" initiative. Then we can start looking at interesting questions like "Are there more press releases about extra-galactic or galactic sources by the Chandra team", or "find me all APOD images of spiral galaxies that are X-ray sources".

Please note that this is an experimental service and it should only be accessed via the PURL

Note: The search interfaces are currently unavailable.

At present, the most-important piece of this project is the actual data - i.e. the mapping between tags and URIs - provided by the service. The HTML view of this data - such as this example for the tag moon - is an experiment to see whether the semantic structure imposed by the parent vocabulary can be used to provide more-meaningful tag suggestions, and should not be considered to be an attempt to replicate the functionality of the Vocabulary Explorer.

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