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The SAOimage Menu (options within SAOimage)

When SAOimage is initiated, it will appear with the SAO logo which will be replaced by an image when one is displayed.

Menu items are chosen by clicking any mouse button (cf. Figure 5.1) on that item. There are several levels available, a level is entered and exited by clicking on the appropriate button. Click here for a brief description of the function of each menu item. A few, more complex, topics are described in more detail below.

Fine Movement
To move the mouse one pixel at a time, use the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Saving regions
To save/delete regions from the current buffer:

``s''      save current cursor as an include region (counts within region will be included in subsequent calculations)
``e'' save current cursor as an exclude region (counts within region will be excluded from subsequent calculations)
``d'' delete most recent (or closest to mouse) region from save buffer

To save regions in current buffer to a disk file select region,write.


Annuli around a region are spaced either using the mouse directly (middle/right to add/delete respectively) or, if the mouse is positioned far from the region, equally spaced for each addition/deletion.


Three blink buffers are available, one for each mouse button. An image is placed in the left/middle/right buffer by clicking the left/middle/right mouse button on the blink menu item. When another image is displayed, the earlier one can be compared with it by pressing its respective mouse button with cursor in the main display window. When the button is released, the current, loaded image will be re-displayed.

Table 1: Detailed list of menu options
Menu item Sub-menu item Description
scale linear linear scaling
  wrap wrapped linear scaling
  log logarithmic scaling
  sqrt squareroot scaling
  histeq histogram equalization scaling
    i.e. adjusting histogram of pixel values so that each interesting
    bin contains roughly equal number of pixels
  blink save image in blink buffer, 3 buffers labelled with
    left/middle/right mouse button
color mono enter/leave mono sub-menu
  mono-dith1 apply dither map 1 to display colormap ) These are grey-scales
  mono-dith2 apply dither map 2 to display colormap ) composed of dots,
  mono-diffuse apply error diffusion code to colormap ) useful for publication.
  mono-invert invert color map
  ovlay toggles overlay mode. When ``on'' half available
    colors are saved for overlays and graphics
  $\nearrow \uparrow$ / $\downarrow \swarrow$ adjust threshold/saturation (horizontal/vertical mouse motion)
  $\updownarrow$ / $\updownarrow$ adjust contrast/bias (horizontal/vertical mouse motion)
  gamma adjust intensity (horizontal mouse motion)
  invert invert color map
  cmap enter/leave colormap submenu
  cmap-write write current colormap settings to specified disk file
  cmap-read read current colormap settings from specified disk file
  cmap-gray all pixels have same color, intensity varies
  cmap-BB preset color map 1a
  cmap-HE preset color map 2a
  cmap-18 preset color map 3, pseudocolora
  cmap-A preset color map 4a
  cmap-B preset color map 5a
cursorb point point cursor
  poly polygon cursor
  circle circular cursor
  ellipse elliptical cursor

Menu item Sub-memu item Description
  box rectangular box cursor
  0o restore cursor to original rotation
  annuli make annuli around circle/elipse/box cursor
$\leftarrow$ arrow cursor left button positions, middle button rotates
abc label (letters etc) position label with left button, freeze with middle
  region enter/leave region sub-menu
  region-view toggles display of saved regions (and labels)
  region-label toggles display of saved region labels
  region-cycle cycle through saved regions in magnifier window
    highlighting each one in main display window
  region-omit deletes region currently selected by cycle
  region-reset deletes all labelled points
  region-write write saved (``s'') cursor positions to a specified file
  region-read read cursor positions from specified file
pan center center display at position of mouse click
  zoom 1 return to zoom 1
  X4 zoom by a factor 4
  X2 zoom by a factor 2
  X1/2 expand by a factor 2
  X1/4 expand by a factor 4
etc new load new image, filename to be entered
  track toggle tracking of magnifier window and real-time
    color graph modification
  coord toggle cursor coordinate display
  verb toggle verbose message mode
  print send a hardcopy to the default printerc
  raise raise window to front
  quit exit SAOimage

a: to view color graph window, click mouse button in color bar. Colors can be adjusted
by moving left/middle/right (red/green/blue) mouse buttons on the graph.*
b: these menu items are symbols in this order
c: default printer is set in your .login file with:
SETENV R_DISPOSE ``lpr lps -r -s %s'' (where lps is the logical name
for the printer).

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