Here are some sites around the World Wide Web which pertain to topics discussed throughout this book. Although each chapter has its own set of links, this page offers the complete collection, with additional sites for those interested in general astronomy, amateur astronomy, professional astronomical institutions, and astronomy news.

General Astronomy Links

Sky & Telescope's vast collection of astronomy sites

A list of astronomy sites

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

National Air and Space Museum

Center for Astrophysics

Space Telescope Science Institute

Boston Museum of Science

Women in Science and Technology

NASA's Women in Science with student chat line

Excellent live cameras across the Web and world

Current Earth view from different angles

Balinese Shadow Puppetry

A page dedicated to sundial links across the Web

The constellations page

Photos of the four seasons

Seasons and the Greenhouse Effect

Most recent values for the global temperatures for different months

A national organization sponsoring seasonal environmental projects for children

Information on historical calendars

Timekeeping devices

Make your own sundial!

A page dedicated to sundial links

Generate a map of anywhere in the United States

Zoom in on a map of the World

Mount Wilson Observatory Star Map generator


Mount Wilson Observatory Constellation Quiz

Constellation Mythology

The Nine Planets

The Solar System

Comprehensive lists of planet facts

Up to date representation of the solar system

Ringed planets

Shoemaker/Levy-9 impact with Jupiter

NASA`s solar system exploration site

The Voyager Spacecraft

The Galileo Spacecraft

The Magellan Spacecraft

Spacecraft Images

New planet around 51 Pegasus

Comets and meteor showers

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Overview of the moon

About the moon

Royal Greenwich Observatory pamphlet about the moon

Moon phases

See the present phase of the moon

Moon photos

NASA lunar exploration

The Apollo moon missions


The moon in science fiction stories

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