The Petersham Center School has dedicated its 1996-1997 school year to the Everyday Classroom Tools Project. All of its seven teachers are involved.

Glenede Albertine -- 4th Grade
Susan Andriski -- 1st Grade
Bob Buron -- 6th Grade
Colleen Grady -- 3rd Grade
Linda Kirousis -- 2nd Grade
Melanie Palotta -- Kindergarten
Kay Simms -- 5th Grade

The Everyday Classroom Tools Project has been a part of Petersham Center School in several incarnations for many years. The ECT project this school year, 1996-1997, is testing a new Inquiry based curriculum and has successfully wired every classroom for the Internet. Additionally, a Science Club for 5th and 6th graders has been started, allowing these older students to pursue deeper issues in science and technology with tools in their own school.

As a part of the ECT project, students have hosted a Science Night for their parents, and Science Club will be opening their school for monthly astronomical observations with the ECT's portable telescope.

There have been several articles in local papers about the project....Stay tuned for these.

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Last updated January 17, 1997