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Sherpa Installation Instructions

We provide a number of installation instructions, depending on the internet connection and machine's operating system.

We encourage attendants to install Sherpa before the session in case the wifi connection isn't good during the meeting; flash drives with all the dependencies will be provided in this case.

(OS X / Linux) before the workshop


How to tell if you have conda installed:

$ which conda

If you don't have conda/anaconda installed:

  1. Download and install Miniconda for your system.
    $ bash Miniconda-latest-<plat>-<arch>.sh -b -p $HOME/miniconda
  2. Add conda to your PATH.
    $ bash  # use a BASH environment
    $ export PATH=$HOME/miniconda/bin:${PATH}
    Note: To have conda available in all environments, add export PATH=$HOME/miniconda/bin:${PATH} to your $HOME/.bashrc or $HOME/.bash_profile.

Note that Miniconda only contains basic stuff and command line tools. Please look at at the Anaconda and, if you are interested, you can install Anaconda instead. Having both Miniconda and Anaconda is fine, as long as you are aware that you will have multiple instances of the "conda" package manager on your system.

Once you have conda/anaconda installed, create a sherpa environment and install sherpa and supporting packages:

$ bash
$ conda create -n sherpa-workshop python=3.5   # note that we support also Python 2.7
$ source activate sherpa-workshop
$ conda install astropy matplotlib scipy ipython-notebook sherpa=4.8.2 -c sherpa
$ pip install saba corner
$ git clone https://github.com/olaurino/sherpa-standalone-notebooks
$ cd sherpa-standalone-notebooks
$ git checkout -b aas   # create a branch in git; save your changes as you go
$ jupyter notebook

A browser should be launched automatically and you should see <snapshot>.

As you make changes to the sherpa notebooks, you may save your changes at anytime using git:

$ git commit -am "summary of my changes"


(OS X / Linux) during the workshop, with good network connection

Follow the same instructions as above in "(OS X / Linux) before the workshop".

(OS X / Linux) during the workshop, with bad network connection

We will have a thumbdrive with a tar file with a complete environment and all the dependencies. Instructions will be included in the thumbdrive.

(Windows) before the workshop

If we have Windows users who register for the event, we will add instructions on how to install docker on Windows and run a sherpa-notebooks container locally.

(Windows) during the meeting, with bad network connection

An executable which installs the environment and package dependencies will be included in a thumbdrive at the session. Instructions on running the executable will also be on the thumbdrive.

(all OS's) users with issues installing and running the notebooks, with good network connection

Instructions will be written closer to the meeting.

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