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AAS 227: Splinter Session

Topics in AstroStatistics

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

1:30pm-3:30pm // St.George 106
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This session will provide a forum for a discussion of variety of topics in Astrostatistics following the Special Session "Lectures on Astrostatistics" held on Wednesday morning. It will also anticipate the "Time-Domain and Applicable Methodologies" session scheduled for Thursday morning. The speakers from both sessions are expected to attend. In addition a discussion on connections between the American Statistical Association Astrostatistics Interest Group and the AAS Working Group on Astroinformatics and Astrostatistics will take place.

There are a number of talks and posters being presented at the conference that are of interest to attendees of this session. A partial list is given below. Please let us know if we missed any poster or presentation that ought to be included in the list.

We held a haiku session during the splinter session for those presenters who wished to highlight their work in an astrostatistical context.

111.02 - Andreas Hans Wilhelm Kupper -- Exploding Satellites - The Tidal Debris of the Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxy Hercules
119.04 - Rebecca Jane Smethurst -- Quenching histories of galaxies and the role of AGN feedback
122.01 - Samuel Kai Grunblatt -- Determining the Mass of Kepler-78b with Nonparametric Gaussian Process Estimation
124.05 - Anahita Alavi -- Probing the Peak Epoch of Cosmic Star Formation
124.06 - Brett Salmon -- Using Bayesian Evidence to Deduce the Dust-Attenuation Law at High Redshift
126.03 - Mark Fardal -- The Longest Stellar Stream in M31's Halo
204.05 - Christina Peters -- Exploring the Quasar Luminosity Function with Quasars Selected by both Color and Variability
205.04 - Aaron Rizzuto -- Dynamical Masses Demonstrate the Discordant Model Ages for Upper Scorpius
212.01 - Joseph Harrington -- A Random Walk on WASP-12b with Bayesian Atmospheric Radiative Transfer (BART) Code
212.02 - Jasmina Blecic -- Bayesian Atmospheric Radiative Transfer (BART) Code and Application to WASP-43b
212.03 - Ryan Challener -- Constraining the atmosphere of exoplanet WASP-34b
212.04 - Emerson DeLarme -- Analysis of Secondary Eclipse Observations of Hot-Jupiters WASP-26b and CoRoT-1b
212.05 - Andrew Foster -- Atmospheric, Orbital and Secondary Eclipse Analysis of HAT-P-30-WASP-51b
220.03 - Sharon Xuesong Wang -- Weighing Rocky Exoplanets with Improved Radial Velocimetry
223.02 - Jia Liu -- Cosmological constraints from weak lensing non-Gaussian statistics
239.14 - Amit Goel -- Towards Bayesian Machine Learning for Estimating Parameters of Accretion Disk Models for SPH Simulations
240.05 - Rachel Wagner-Kaiser -- Bayesian Analysis of Multiple Populations in Galactic Globular Clusters
302.07 - Benjamin Elwood -- What We Can Learn From Supernova Remnant Size Distributions
307.04 - Extracting Physical Parameters for the First Galaxies from the Cosmic Dawn Global 21-cm Spectrum
339.08 - Emileigh Suzanne Shoemaker -- A Bayesian Method For Finding Galaxies That Cause Quasar Absorption Lines
406.01 - Leslie Rogers -- How Many Exoplanets Does it Take to Constrain the Origin of Mercury?
411.03 - Matthew Brorby -- X-ray Emission from Early Universe Analog Galaxies
419.07 - Kevin Huffenberger -- Mapping matter jointly with CMB lensing and Large Scale Structure
420.01 - Angie Wolfgang -- A Probabilistic Mass-Radius Relationship for Sub-Neptune-Sized Planets: Implications for Missions Post-Kepler
421.01 - Ashish Mahabal -- The Promise of Domain Adaptation
425.05 - Diane Feuillet -- Determining Ages of APOGEE Giants with Known Distances
139.15 - Zacharay Claytor -- Detecting Bias in a Self-Organizing Map of Galaxy Photometry Data
144.19 - Tom Loredo -- Cepheid light curve demography via Bayesian functional data analysis
145.02 - Donald Terndrup -- Angular Momentum Evolution of Solar-type Stars and Implications for Gyrochronology
239.14 - Amit Goel -- Towards Bayesian Machine Learning for Estimating Parameters of Accretion Disk Models for SPH Simulations
240.05 - Rachel Wagner-Kaiser -- Bayesian Analysis of Multiple Populations in Galactic Globular Clusters
243.37 - Hyungsuk Tak -- Bayesian and Profile Likelihood Approaches to Time Delay Estimation for Stochastic Time Series of Gravitationally Lensed Quasars
336.01 - Lindsay Fuller -- 31.1um imaging observations of AGN using SOFIA/FORCAST
337.08 - Tansu Daylan -- Inference of Dim Gamma-Ray Point Sources Using Probabilistic Catalogues
337.09 - Stephen Portillo -- A Probabilistic Catalogue of Unresolved High Latitude Fermi LAT Sources
338.04 - Todd Boroson -- Using the LCOGT Network To Measure a High-Precision Time Delay in the Four-Image Gravitational Lens HE0435-1223
341.10 - Richard Deno Stelter -- De-cloaking the Galactic Center
342.16 - Skye Elliot -- HI Gas in Large-Scale Filaments as Measured by ALFALFA
348.05 - Brian Kent -- 3D Visualization of Machine Learning Algorithms with Astronomical Data
348.19 - Kyle Johnston -- Variable Star Signature Classification using Slotted Symbolic Markov Modeling
430.10 - Samson Johnson -- Dispatch Scheduling to Maximize Exoplanet Detection
432.03 - Jinhee Lee -- Searching for very late-type members of Hyades
436.08 - Jana Grcevich -- Compact Neutral Hydrogen Clouds: Searching for Undiscovered Dwarf Galaxies and Gas Associated with an Algol-type Variable Star
437.11 - David Jones -- Designing Information Measures for Real-time Lightcurve Classification
444.02 - Sophia Porter -- Proposal Auto-Categorizer and Manager for Time Allocation Review at Space Telescope Science Institute


Moderators: Aneta Siemiginowska (CfA) and Vinay Kashyap (CfA)

1:30pm - 1:50pm : Haiku
Tom Loredo
Hyungsuk Tak [.pdf]
David Jones [.pdf]
Rachel Wagner-Kaiser [.pdf]
Stephen Portillo [.mp4]
Brian Kent [.pdf]
Zachary Claytor [.pdf]
1:50pm - 3:00pm : Q&A with speakers from the Special Session, Lectures in AstroStatistics
3:00pm - 3:30pm : Astronomy and AstroStatistics Working Groups Discussion
Aneta Siemiginowska [.pdf]
Jessi Cisewski


Vinay Kashyap (vkashyap @ cfa . harvard . edu)
Aneta Siemiginowska (asiemiginowska @ cfa . harvard . edu)


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Wed 6 Jan 2016
St.George 106