Table of Contents:

All ConcepTest files are currently simple (ASCII) text. Questions with images and figures make welcome contributions and will soon be included. Check the tally of the number of questions included (by filename).

The Night Sky

Celestial Sphere, Seasons, Eclipses, and Time
Magnitudes & Distances, Measures & Methods
General Motion/Forces
Scales of Size, Distance, Mass, Power
The Elements
Nucleosynthesis, Fusion, Radioactive decay
Radiation, The Electromagnetic Spectrum
The Earth & Moon
Asteroids, Meteors, and Comets
The Sun
Basic Stellar Properties
Star Formation
Energy Generation in Stars & Stellar Evolution
Red Giants, Variable Stars, White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, & Black Holes
Binary Star Systems
Stellar Populations and Kinematics in the Galaxy
Our Galaxy: Structure, Formation & Evolution
Normal Galaxies
Active Galaxies and Quasars
Cosmology &
Hubble Expansion, Dark Matter, Lensing
Origin and Evolution of Life Here and Elsewhere

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