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The End Of The Night

After all of the targets are found, data recorded and the sun has risen, the observer can begin the shut down. The drive is turned off and unplugged. All of the electronics are turned off and the items that belong in the warm room return there. Cables that remain in the dome are wrapped around the pedestal to prevent tripping. The telescope is stowed so the declination is reading 90 degrees. The 3" telescope should be on the east side of the 14" when properly stowed. This position serves two purposes. The first is to place even weight on the motors. The second is to allow the observer 12 hours to remember to turn off the drive. The motor will carry a balanced weight if the 3" is on the west side or the east side. By putting the telescope on the east side, the telescope's drive can be left on accidentally for approximately 12 hours longer before it crashes into the pier.

Scott J. Wolk
Mon Nov 25 15:41:03 EST 1996