Comparative Black Hole Binaries

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From Gallo et al. (2007), ApJ, 670, 600. Their Fig. 2: Composite radio/IR/optical spectra of quiescent black hole binaries. V404 Cyg: radio data from Gallo et al (2005b), taken in 2002; IR data from this work, taken in 2004-2005; optical photometry from Casares \etal 1993, taken between 1990-1992. A0620--00: radio data from Gallo etal (2006), acquired in August 2005; IR and optical data from this work. The data span a period of 5 months, with nearly simultaneous radio/optical coverage. XTE J1118+480: radio upper limit from Mirabel etal (2001); IR data from this work; optical photometry from Gelino etal (2006).

SED made by Jay Blanchard (University of Tasmania) using data from the 2007 ATCA survey.