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Roger Brissenden Committees
 2020- Member, AURA Board
2020- Member, AURA Management Council for the Rubin Telescope
2018 Member, WFIRST Independent External Technical/Management/Cost Review
2017 Member, Smithsonian Strategic Planning Implementation Core team
2017 Member, WFIRST Independent Assessment Team
2017-2020 Member, AURA Management Council for LSST
2017 Member, TESS MOR team
2017- Member, Northeast Radio Observatory Corporation Board
2016- Member, Giant Magellan Telescope Project Management Advisory Council
2015- Member, Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Board
2013 Member, SOFIA SMO Readiness Review
2011 Member, SOFIA Operations Optimization Review Team
2011 Member, NSF Committee of Visitors (COV) for the Division of Astronomical Sciences
2011-2012, Member, SKA Site Advisory Committee (SSAC) 2010-2012 Member, Physics of the COSMOS, Program Analysis Group Executive Committee
2010- Member, VERITAS Joint Operations Group
2010-2011 Member, Panel to Advise on Science and EVLA Operations (NRAO)
2009-2017 Member, James Webb Space Telescope Science Advisory Council (JSTAC)
2008-2015 Member, Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) Board
2008-2012 Member, Kepler Standing Review Board
2008 Member, North American ALMA Science Center Manager search committee
2008 Member, AUI Committee to Assess Future NRAO Operations
2007 Member, NSF Technical Panel, High Altitude Wide Field Gamma-Ray Observatory
2007 Member, NSF Site Visit Committee, University of Utah Cosmic Ray Group
2007-2008 Member, Constellation-X Facility Science Team
2007 Member, Science Working Group, NASA Ares 5 Heavy Lift Capability Assessment
2007-2008 Member, DOE High Energy Review SLAC Review Panel
2007 Chair, NRAO EVLA Advisory Panel
2007 Member, XMM-Newton Mission Extended Operations Review Team
2007-2008 Chair, Program Committee, SPIE: Astronomical Telescopes & Inst.
2007 Member, VERITAS Operations Review Team
2006-2008 Member, SOFIA Science Management and Operations Review Board
2006 Member, Smithsonian Institution Endowment Proposal Review Panel
2006 Member, GLAST ISOC Review Board
2005-2006 Member, Program Committee, SPIE: Astronomical Telescopes & Inst.
2005-2006 Chair, National Radio Astronomy Observatory Visiting Committee
2005-2006 Member, Spitzer Independent Implementation Review team
2005-2009 Member, NASA Navigator Program External Independent Review Board
2004-2005 Member, NASA Navigator Program Independent Review Team
2003-2008 Member, GLAST User Committee
2003 Member, National Radio Astronomy Observatory AIPS++ Technical Review Panel
2003 Chair, Cassini Tour Readiness Review
2003 Member, SIRTF Mission Readiness Review Board
2002-2003 Member SIRTF Independent Review Team Flight Software Review Team
2002-2006 Member, National Radio Astronomy Observatory Visiting Committee
2002 Member, NASA Virtual Observatory Science Definition Team
2002-2004 Chair, NASA Cassini Independent Review Team
2002 Chair, GSFC Space Sciences Directorate Visiting Committee
2002-2003 Member, SAO Professional Academic Evaluation Committee
2002-2003 Member, CfA Computation Committee Review Team
2002-2006 Member, NASA Science Archive Working Group
2002-2003 Chair, Constellation-X TRIP Red Team
2001-2002 Member, NASA National Virtual Observatory Science Definition Team
2001 Member, NASA Cassini Independent Annual Review Team
2001 Member, NRAO Data Management Review Panel
2000 Chair, NASA Cassini Independent Cost Review Team
2000-2003 Member, JPL SIRTF Mission Operations Review Board
2000 Member, National Virtual Observatory Steering Committee
1997-1999 Member, SAO MIS committee
1996-1998 Member, Hubble Vision 2000 project review board
1993 Member, SI "Information Resource Management Research Focus Group"
1992-1997 Member, Astronomical Data Analysis Software & Systems conference board
1992 Member, SAO "Future of Computing" committee
1992 Editor, "Astronomical Data Analysis Software & Systems": [A.S.P. Conf. Series]


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