Katharine K. Reeves

Phone: 617-496-7563
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
60 Garden Street, MS-58
Cambridge, MA 02138


Preprints and Papers

  • Reeves, Warren & Forbes, "Theoretical Predictions of X-Ray and Extreme-UV Flare Emissions Using a Loss-of-Equilibrium Model of Solar Eruptions," ApJ, 668, 2007. (PDF)

  • Reeves, Seaton & Forbes, "Field Line Shrinkage in Flares Observed by the X-Ray Telescope on Hinode," ApJ, 675, 2008. (PDF)

  • Reeves, et al, "Post-Eruptive Phenomena in CMEs and Substorms - Indicators of A Universal Process?", JGR, 113, A00B02, doi:10.1029/2008JA013049, 2008. (PDF)

  • Reeves & Moats, "Relating CME Kinematics and Thermal Energy Release to Flare Emissions Using a Model of Solar Eruptions," ApJ, 712, 2010. (PDF)

  • Reeves, Linker, Mikic & Forbes, "Current Sheet Energetics, Flare Emissions, and Energy Partition in a Simulated Solar Eruption" ApJ, 721, 2010 (PDF)

  • Reeves & Golub, "Atmospheric Imaging Assembly Observations of Hot Flare Plasma", ApJL, 727, L52, 2011. (PDF)

  • Reeves et al, "Thermal Properties of A Solar Coronal Cavity Observed with the X-ray Telescope on Hinode", ApJ, submitted, 2011. (PDF)

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